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all automobiles have stories attached to them… so does Nana’s Mustang

“I won’t forget that day when my car almost collided into this White FIAT, I looked up to see the number plate MH02-149 and knew it was your Dad. It was the most scary and embarrassing day of my adolescent life. Here I was finding a way to make the best impression with your dad and look what I had done.”
Till date every time my first boyfriend and me talk we discuss the incident and laugh our hearts out.
Later my dad let him drive the car and he was impressed with how smooth the car was Vs. his red Maruti Zen with something silly written near the number plate.
Every automobile has stories.
FORD has given its customer a platform to share.
One of the stories on Ford Social –
Nana’s Mustang
Ford Social Member, 11/8/2010

ford social

I recently took delivery of a beautiful black 2011 Mustang 5.0. I am a 71 year old great gramma and when I purchased this car, I thought my kids (4 sons and a daughter) would think I was nuts, until one of my sons said: every granny needs a toy! Well I love my “toy”, her name is Miz Sally. I don’t know much about engines and such, but I love the looks, the get up and go and how the interior lights up pink! My sons and grandsons all have hot rods, now I can join them and be part of the gang when they show off their cars at “cruise night:”. Some times my car gets more attention than theirs……I love it, and love my Mustang!

Selling to a new older audience without having to sell.

The other stories on the page are about:
accidents that speak highly of the sturdiness of the vehicle
miles that speak of how great the car is even after being driven for 226,826 miles
dream car emphasizing the aspirational value of the car
and a lot more. It is everything that the brand FORD would have wanted to say.

But they don’t need to. The customer stories say it all.
Of course you need to have belief in your brand to let the customer creating content.

2 comments on “all automobiles have stories attached to them… so does Nana’s Mustang

  1. thebuystories
    May 28, 2013

    Search Ford Figo Customer Speak on youtube for videos

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