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Main aur meri Maggi

Nostalgia inspires hunger – reliving moments
Shristi ki Me & Meri ‘exam time walli’ MAGGI
MAGGI was a saviour in my exam days rather nights when I used to study for long hours during boards and whenever I used to feel hungry I used to go and cook MAGGI on my own quietly in the kitchen. i would have died on empty stomach if it wasnt MAGGI..thanks!!

Creating an occasion – comfort food
Chitra Gurjar ki Me & Meri ‘partner’ MAGGI
MAGGI came into my life when I was in class 5. The fact 200 ml of water added to the pack of noodles cooked in just 2 minutes was so fascinating to that point of timing it on an alarm clock. More than 200ml made them soggy- but delicious to eat. The chicken flavor was the best. Masala tasted like sambhar noodles
Today- MAGGI still comforts me. It gives me a fuzzy feeling. What a 2 minute wonder.

I have a story too – ‘Baarish waali maggi’
A few of us colleagues would cook Maggi in the office pantry during heavy rains, go to the terrace of our office building, hide under our umbrellas and enjoy the weather with the warm Maggi.

What a gorgeous insight
‘Anyone who has had Maggi has a story to share’

  1. Social media used well
  2. Customer participation
  3. Leveraging the power of an iconic brand
  4. Keeping it relevant
  5. Call to action without a call to action

The power of stories!


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