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no amount of training can help avoid these

I am certain these businesses spend a good portion of their budget in training customer service representatives. I am also confident these representatives have good intentions.

but WHAT can be done about the quality of conversations?

“vodafone rep at peninsula: where did you buy your phone from?
me: delhi.
vodafone rep at peninsula: but from india only?”

 “just asked the Reliance Broadnet dufus if they had a drop box in Khar. He said not in Khar, but will Kharghar do?”

 “a friend got a call from Barclays bank, the moron asked him ‘Sir, we’re offering you a personal loan, are you interesting?'”

“myntra emailed to inform me that my return request has been received and it will be picked up by January 4th 1970.”

Easy to brush these away as anomalies?

These are Facebook status messages from my lovely friend who does not fail to report. Why these things happen to him with that kind of frequency is a good question to ask?

customer service training


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