Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

Joe Rawlinson believes in BUYSTORIES

Here is his story…

I was in Seattle for a conference this past summer and wanted to eat some fresh salmon. I asked the server at the restaurant which salmon I should get. She told me that people wait all year for the sockeye salmon catch at the mouth of the 300 mile long Copper River in Alaska. The salmon are then flown all over the world to be enjoyed fresh.

Her description, beyond just “this tastes good”, painted a very vivid picture of where my meal came from.

And you know what? It tasted better because I knew the story behind the product.
I knew that just yesterday my dinner was swimming down the river in Alaska.

Your products have a story too. Do you share it with customers? Or do you leave them to guess? There is some aspect of your company, culture, product, or service that has an interesting story and background to it.

When you share that story with your customer, you personify your product and make it more attractive to your customer.

People can’t relate to a random product, but they can relate to a story or an experience.

Paint a picture for your customers so they can be excited about your product. Excited and engaged customers will become repeat customers. The story will bring them back. Apathetic customers with no emotional engagement with your product will not return.
Go tell a story he says!

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