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just beautiful OR intelligent FMCG packaging

Haven’t we all been privy to vanity conversations amongst lovely young women. “My hair has always been unmanageable, I have tried all possible products, these days I am using the Sunsilk purple bottle”. I would be upset if someone called my well tested and beautifully designed Perfect Straight variant the ‘purple bottle’.

For all the money spent on packaging design how intelligent is the final output. I am not saying how beautiful. I am saying how ‘intelligent’ is it?

At what distance do customers look at packaging? The correct answer is – the customer could be looking at your product at any distance. 40 feet away from the shelf, 10 feet, 2 feet or the product could be in the customer’s hands. When the customer is holding the pack in their hand what matters will be the quality of content and how relevant it is to them. Does a beautiful picture of oranges on a juice carton matter to them? The answer is a NO! They know they picked a carton of orange juice and they know that is not the orange your squeezed into the carton.

2 feet away from the customer, the product is sitting pretty on the shelf. Planograming by brand has forced the decision tree to go like this —Brand —Variant Benefit —Whatever else is the clincher for the individual i.e. price, ingredient, promotion etc. Now let’s look at our packaging that we spend millions on sometimes every couple of years. Because we are so close to our brand we believe each variant must look very different from the other. So we take the help of colour.

sunsilk shampoo range

Sure it has the benefit of easy identification and ease of referral “I use the purple one”.

The thing to think about is that we are making each variant work for itself on the shelf.

garnier fructis

Here is a brand that follows the customer decision tree. Get the customer to narrow into your brand and then look for variants within.

shampoo shelf india supermarket

And look how great it looks on the shelf from
and in the customer’s hands.

Smile! Smile!


2 comments on “just beautiful OR intelligent FMCG packaging

  1. mahesh shinde
    April 28, 2013

    In addition to the article I would still look for more insight into it from the brand side.
    Personally I would think that an established brand could look at variant basis packaging vis a vis a newer brand who should go for the single colour planogramming to pull the customer and then offer the variants.

    • thebuystories
      April 29, 2013

      established or new colour is still making each variant work hard for itself on the shelf

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