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gifting is stressful

gift for dad

Gift exchange is always a part of celebration, then why does it come with stress?

It is because we are trying to choose a gift that is up to the expectations of the receiver. Sometimes it is also about an enormous sense of satisfaction when seeing the expression on the face of someone you’ve given a gift to. In both cases you are shopping for a positive reaction.

Stress is because it can so totally convey unintended meanings and sometimes cause ill feelings when the gift is much more or much less than they expected.

Here is how we consciously and subconsciously behave when buying for positive reactions –

Shopping for a gift for a man – Women are tough to buy for! I think it is painful to buy a gift for a man, esp. when you do not know the person too well. Tie, wallet, cologne, pen, visiting card holder and a SHIRT. A tie and shirt being the favourites, size is not a problem in both cases.
Have YOU EVER? – pointed at someone around inorder to tell sales associate the size of the person you are buying a gift for?

Gift hunting for a toddler – We are buying to please the parent. Thankfully the available options are so many that one doesn’t have too much trouble picking.
Have YOU EVER? – called the parent to check if the child already has ‘xyz’ before you pay? at the expense of killing the surprise?

Gifting to a teenager – They usually know exactly what the want as a gift. So you better know it. They will either like it or they won’t, following which the dislike could easily be extended towards you.
Have YOU EVER? – taken another teenager to help you select?

And what ever happened to the Thank you card? Not always do we have to reciprocate with a gift when we receive one. Buy a few of those when you are out shopping next


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