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choose a tyre… why?


The only time we think tyres is when we have a flat one. Find a garage, repair or replace and out. I have a trusted garage owner. He decides the brand because I do not know any better. I checked with a few male friends and was surprised at how little they had to say too.

It got me thinking why do we not know any better?  I do not have an answer yet. A few reasons that one can think of:

**Tyre stores look like this
garage area 1which does not help, they make me want to let the tyre dealer make the choice.
** Brand communication inside the store takes the informative route. Honestly, the informative communication tries to pack in a bit too much. It talks about benefits in so much detail that it becomes one more reason for me to not bother.

** The tyre dealer is happy to make the choice on my behalf.

Fundamentally, the job of tyres is to endure. Would it not help to spare a bit of time choosing tyres that do it best? Should we try a more emotional route?

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