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why will shopper marketing fail?

I chanced upon this link today and wanted to cry when I read October 2008 at the end of the page. Sob sob!
A whitepaper on Shopper Marketing written in 2008 remains valid in 2013. Scary, for the pace at which the world is moving.

Not all the best practices in this document are being practiced, lot of the challenges remain, neither brands or industry experts are betting their money’s on this discipline. Shopper Marketing Department (if at all), changes hands way too often – from sales to marketing to foster homes to the orphanage to sometimes the streets.

  1. Courage to cause and handle disruption
    If Shopper Marketing were to be integrated as a string weapon in your brand strategy, structures within the organization will need to be realigned.
  2. Vision to see ROI in unconventional places
    This department will not be able to give you readership and TRP figures (I am not sure why we still believe those figures and spend millions from our marketing budgets on these media)
  3. Conviction to see things through to the end
    There is no room for half hearted attempts. Don’t waste your time

Read the whitepaper on:


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