Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

delivering great experiences is the only way to gain promoters


One more time – WATCH the NPS METER. 
Delivering a great customer experience is the only way to get customers to promote your brands. After all what are customer stories? Stories are customers recounting a sequence of events. Sequence of events worth talking about – these could be positive or negative.

Seeking recommendations is an very important part of the Decision Tree for the CDIT category. We do not buy a phone or a washing machine before checking with our social circle. It carries good weight. And we need not debate about the influencing power of recommendations.

Think of the service industry:
– I chose to visit a spa because I heard a friend rave about it
– I decided to order in from my local restaurant basis the reviews it had on websites
– I saw a gorgeous outfit on a friend and she told me where she bought it from

If we realize the value of brand promoters because of the power of customer stories, why do we hesitate from investing in measuring a brand’s NPS? Use international benchmarks, benchmark against competition, benchmark against similar categories, benchmark against categories that compete for the share of wallet. But measure. Let BUYSTORIES create powerful stories for your brands and then WATCH the NPS METER again! Smile!

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