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Confessions of a compulsive online shopper about the lure of a coupon code. She bookmarks coupon websites. She keeps a document listing all the coupon codes she has won from her purchases and signups with their validity dates and terms and conditions. She loves the screen below.


She gets a kick out of watching the final purchase amount change when she hits ‘APPLY COUPON’. She feels smart for having mastered the coupon code strategy, that not many may even be aware of.

Every time she is on the checkout page, she hunts down a coupon code that lightens her credit card bill.
Does it make her buy more? Sure it does. She knows it.

Which brings me to the point of who is the coupon aimed at? I am yet to understand if the coupon code business is directed to the regular online shopper to up their spends? Or towards increasing the base of online shoppers. Well this topic deserves its own post.

So why is it so necessary for the receiver of the coupon to use the coupon. Because, it is real currency in the virtual world. Who wants to waste currency. It is the need to not waste money. I’ll tell you what. They work on me. I feel the need to not waste the virtual currency.

The best part about this currency is its transferable nature. I am talking about the codes I earn when I sign up or the ones I earn when I make a purchase. The code can be used by anyone I decide to share it with.

As a customer I wish there was a platform using which we could share coupon codes with a closed group. Facebook are you listening. A closed circle of people that can share coupon codes and their benefits. It will make me feel a little less upset on the date of expiry of an unsused coupon.

Since there is no such platform yet. Here is me sharing benefits with my friends.

  • voucher number: TSKYN7zi0. Voucher validity: 31st December 2013
  • India Circus voucher numbers:
    • TSK15. Up to Rs 1000 discount – 15% off on minimum purchase of Rs 800 with maximum discount of Rs 1000. Voucher validity: 30th June 2013
    • Signup discount – signup300, signup300a, signup400 on minimum purchase of Rs. 1599. Validity not mentioned


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