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we cannot discipline a customer. can we?

I recently had to visit the customer care gallery of my telecom service provider. I was at a gallery after maybe 2 years, thanks to relationship managers who assist you with most things.

Telecom services have been recognized the world-over as an important tool for socio-economic development for a nation. India is doing well at a 70+% tele-density as per the December 2012 TRAI report. It was heartwarming to see the real visual evidence of India going wireless.


Yes it felt a bit like visiting the good old government run telephone exchange. But a very well behaved one – a lady waited patiently for 12 minutes to get her number recharged for exactly Rs.34/- and people said thank you and welcome to each other.

Amongst all of this was a middle aged, well educated man who was behaving extremely rude. I felt this need to explain how he was not being nice and could have said what he just did in a more polite fashion. I exchanged a quick glance with a customer service executive in the gallery, we both nodded in despair and decided to do nothing about it or rather realized there was nothing we could do.

The man was being rude to another customer. What this resulted in was a bad experience for the victim co-customer (if I can call her that).

From the telecom operators point of view, if they decide to see it that was – one, the victim co-customer was a customer of their brand and two, though they had nothing to do with it the customer had a bad experience inside their store environment.

Can the telecom operator do something about it? Can we discipline a customer to be nice to co-customers as part of customer experience management?

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