Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

money well spent


2 of the recent projects with BUYSTORIES have been with businesses that are highly differentiated. Awareness will bring in the crowds and set the ball rolling.

It got me thinking about how vastly different it was from working with the large businesses. The game there should (if it isn’t already) be conversion, because most of these are in a fairly competitive space where creating brand differentiation using marketing is not an easy task.

It is only when there is nothing quiet so different about a brand that it struggles on both counts – footfall and conversion. Conversations at most marketing strategy meetings of a retail brand are about ‘brining people in’ and ‘making people buy’ in isolation. It may seem like there is nothing wrong with doing that. After all a consumer and shopper behave differently, but we forget that the person is the same.

God help me if my footfall generation activity brings customers to my store and my conversion and customer experience strategy seems to fail on delivering the promise.

If only we would identify which one is a larger challenge and then align the other to support.

It is going to be a sweet wait to hear one of the 2 spend optimizer statements below:

  • “People do visit us to buy, let’s spend our moneys on helping them buy and give a great experience. Let marketing support.”
  • “Let’s put our monies behind inviting the customer to our business and let experience support the claims”

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