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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

I took the advice of the last reviewer


That is the power of stories. A review is nothing but a customer story that is credible, have impact and carries amplification value.

The power of customer reviews is highly under valued. Do we realize that these are not just nice to haves? Do we think it is possible to orchestrate what customers say about us?

Let’s realize we live in the ‘tell’ culture identify what we want customers to say about us and align plans and resources to meet that goal.

One comment on “I took the advice of the last reviewer

  1. Customer Survey Form
    October 4, 2014

    Shopper Approved is based on the powerful concept called ‘social
    proof’, which states that:

    When a potential customer goes online to buy a product or
    service, they actually want and actively
    look for reassurance that they’re making the right decision. And the
    way they get that assurance is
    from other customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews.

    This is why statistically, 77% of online shoppers turn to consumer
    reviews before they decide to buy!

    There’s a reason why Amazon, eBay, Sears, and pretty much every other major ecommerce site have customer

    ratings and reviews integrated into their website.
    It’s because online reviews have been proven to increase
    conversion, increase average transaction amounts, improve customer satisfaction,
    and even lower product

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