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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

is it a BUYSTORY?

What is a BUYSTORY? A plan that answers YES to the 4 questions below: Here is a perfect example of a BUYSTORY. LIDL sparks positive emotions of joy and happiness. For the shopper … Continue reading

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about … Continue reading

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5 Sense Engagement for winning in-store

95% of in-store experience is subconscious. The only place a brand can engage all 5 senses is the physical store. The Sense Model we use (licensed from RedTeak in Singapore) is … Continue reading

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2D store design – back to basics

Retail design can get out of hand way too fast between picking paints, wall elements, feature pieces, lighting, flooring, and incorporating displays, way-finding and so much more. A great and … Continue reading

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Brand ‘Storytelling’ is NOT

Brand that are practising ‘Storytelling’ MAGNUM Ice creams Couch Moments – South Africa The new Pints delivers a premium chocolate and ice-cream indulgence in the comfort of your home. Magnum … Continue reading

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baby needs beers and knives

Supermarket FAILS baby needs beers and knives ….. to get through school ….. for nourishment  and to put you in your place. Bwahahahahha

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The potential of Shopper Marketing?

#5 Shopper Insights and the agility of using them Once potential triggers along the path to purchase are identified rightly it is far easier, quicker and inexpensive to implement plans … Continue reading

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So what is shopper marketing?

Repeating the definition of ‘Shopper Marketing’ a million times with a million explanations using more than a million examples since the year 2006 has been a tedious task and we … Continue reading

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Duracell Moments of Warmth

For those who believe BRAND STORYTELLING is a repackaged term and that advertising has been doing it for years. What could the brand have done to market DURACELL QUANTUM? OPTION 1 – Talk … Continue reading

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Brooks Brothers customers turned influencer

How are men’s formal apparel brands marketing themselves? In India the story looks something like this: From international imagery to events and recently style tips how real do these feel to … Continue reading

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‘Live In Levi’s’ celebrating stories of people who live in their jeans

One does not know a single person who hasn’t a story involving those favourite paid of denims in their closet. Memories are written in certain denims and so we treasure … Continue reading

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restaurants need stories

Recently spotted on a Facebook wall. The hospitality industry depends more on reviews a.k.a. stories more than a lot of other industries. In India there one will not find too … Continue reading

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Shopper Marketing Campaign for ITC Bingo

If you are wondering why the BUYSTORIES blog was inactive for a bit, we were busy rolling out this gorgeous Shopper Marketing Campaign for ITC Foods. Bingo! Launched a new … Continue reading

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Nutella — 50 Years Full of Stories

Nutella asked people to send their love in the form of stories on its 50th birthday. Putting fans at the centre of the campaign idea. A global campaign to celebrate the brand’s … Continue reading

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Cornetto Cupidity Stories

CORNETTO FILMS aces long-form video content for youtube 14 lovers, 7 stories and some very wise cupids. Enjoy the ride, love the ending! These films leave one dazed. After the first … Continue reading

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great digital shopper marketing

Digital Shopper Marketing at its best. Online shoppers are accustomed to great deals on anything they want to buy. A lot of us online shopper are deal hunters and search engines … Continue reading

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social storytelling – kinds of LOVE

Why Saying ‘I Love You’ Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal At All Loving a Married Man Picture courtesy:

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if you choose to use technology in Shopper Marketing

Emart sure knows the meaning of Shopper Marketing Use of technology in inside the store? Drive traffic during low business hours? Sell to those beyond the catchment area? And the one mantra … Continue reading

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innovation in fashion retail experience – Crowdemand

Crowdemand a fashion retailing platform adds another touchpoint in the Customer Experience Journey. The customer can now participate in ‘manufacturing’ of fashion merchandise which is much before it goes on … Continue reading

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Science behind use of lights in retail design

Originally posted on thevalleygroupindia:
Shopping is often referred to as retail therapy. It is said so because it is believed that while shopping, all the five senses get activated and…

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10000 views from across 93 countries

  The BUYSTORIES blog crossed over 10000 hits recently. We want to share the joy and Thank all for reading and sharing. 122 posts across 11 categories 10000 views from … Continue reading

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WORKSHOP on Brand Storytelling

“STORYTELLING IS IN VOGUE, and there are a lot of people saying, ‘We have to tell stories and be on all platforms,’” says John Sadowsky, author of Email, Social Marketing … Continue reading

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Miele® Sales Pitch Inside and Out

Originally posted on Fixtures Close Up:
Steamers have been used in restaurant kitchens for decades. Lately Miele® and Gaggenau® offer these appliances for upscale home installation. This Miele point-of-purchase was…

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5by20 Coca Cola stories from rural India

In the world of social media conversations and that being discussed as THE way of spreading brand stories, here is Coca Cola spreading the ‘Happiness’ story in rural India. India, … Continue reading

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Collaborative Marketing and Crowdtap

Brands today are engaging the customer in a way like never before. While new social media platforms have become an important part of the marketing strategy for any brand, these … Continue reading

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now THIS is shopper marketing

To begin with a Storyboard Notebook with space pre marked for a ‘Video frame’ and the ‘Description/VO/VFX’ is a very useful product proposition. Probably comes from the fact that the … Continue reading

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Man Claims He Was Burned Having Relations With A Pizza, Domino’s Responds Perfectly

Funny customer story. Well done Dominos. Fantastic replies.

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Social BPM takes Customer Experience Management a step further

What is Customer Experience Management is the BPO/BPM industry like? Are we ready to crowdsource insights?

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Happy 1st Birthday BUYSTORIES

What a super year it has been! Here is thanking every and every person who has been a part of this fantastic year. Lots of stories to craft, and lots … Continue reading

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Colour Cosmetics Retail Design Strategy

Can design sell Colour Cosmetics? India has seen 15 new colour cosmetic brands since 2009 from Lancome, Faces, MAC to a revamp in our very Indian Lakme. Malls look like glamorous places partly because of the colour cosmetics stores with their very appealing … Continue reading

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Tablet retail Re:imagined at CROMA

Originally posted on thevalleygroupindia:
CROMA retail a premium CDIT retailer in India has positioned themselves as the people who ‘HELP YOU BUY’. CROMA spotted an opportunity in tablet retail, world over the…

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Re:imagining TYRE stores

Originally posted on thevalleygroupindia:
We all love our cars and we all  love to shop, but for some reason buying a tyre is just not something we look forward to…

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retail trends watch

Very interesting presentation on Retail Trends 2013. Time to introspect!

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brand storytelling


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social storytelling – SINGLE in India

World of singles in India Being single is embarrassing Family and single people in India What single people do over weekends? Looking for love in your 30’s

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social storytelling – Stigma attached to MENTAL ILLNESS

What every person considering suicide wants to say to you Mental illness in India Helping before suicide Insurance for mental illness Refuse to accept mental illness Help for mental illness … Continue reading

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power of a great design story

Apple – Steve Jobs introduces the first Apple Store Retail on May 19, 2001 at Tysons Corner Center, Virginia The revolutionary Apple store as launched by Steve Jobs in is … Continue reading

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I BIG SMILE on the faces of WestJetters

A small tiny price to pay for the smiles that you bring to your customers. Gorgeous idea, almost unbelievably executed brought about exactly if not more impact WestJet set out … Continue reading

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why did hashtag McDStories fail?

McDonald’s Head of Social Media Rick Wion said he believes in turning people into ‘storytellers’ and that corporations don’t tell stores, ‘people tell stories’. The #McDstories hashtag campaign aimed at inspiring … Continue reading

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cost per square foot of stores

It is difficult to imagine business without the retailer, yet how often do we provide for or even discuss retailer empowerment in our Marketing Mix or our Annual Budgets. Building … Continue reading

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why storytelling

Here is a simple and beautiful infographic about Corporate speak Vs. Storytelling   By the Hoffman agency

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what it takes

Click this link the NEXT business by the next women A tiny contribution to all those women to wish to be entrepreneurs and more importantly wish to work from home. It is … Continue reading

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United Arrows store windows

United Arrows used the Kinnect technology to make the store windows interactive and in grand style. The mannequins were turned into Marionettes. Though a very interesting was to engage passers by, … Continue reading

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why do all store windows look the same?

Not always… Here are examples of some simple store windows with a STORY to tell.

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state of CX

The most interesting infographic I have come across on the state of Customer Experience cx_infographic By who other than the TEMKIN GROUP

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Kaiser Berlin store for the elderly

A store with: widened aisles non-skid floors bright lights magnifying lenses hanging from shelves and shopping carts carts are lighter and easier to move carts redesigned with built-in seats for … Continue reading

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Bodyshop uses ibutterfly for a fantastic instore experience

Wondering what that way? The Body Shop in Singapore filled its stores with virtual ibutterflies for its 35-year anniversary, creating a virtual aviary of offers on products and 10 grand … Continue reading

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STORY, 144 Tenth Ave. Experience per square feet

A former marketing consultant to TOMS Shoes, Rachel Shechtman brings to life a physical retail innovation experience. Marrying the charm of an independent shop with the luxury of a well-curated … Continue reading

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emporio PERONI Italian STYLE applied to beer

The STORY of Italian STYLE applied to beer making it a lifestyle product. A store window, a display, a store, an installation. The brand took up space at key high … Continue reading

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BUYSTORIES way of working

Day In The Life Of: Aaradhee Mehta Click link –

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